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Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Jugaad ≈ Agile

The Indian concept of jugaad, aka jugaar, can have interesting and subtle meanings for product development and management. I was recently reminded of jugaad from a post by Vinit Nijhawan on “India’s Innovation Front Lines 2009 (Part 1): Of “Jugaar” and A Quick Recovery from Global Recession”.

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In the CNBC special “Inside The Mind of Google“, aired December 4th 2009, Noel Gorelick, the lead engineer on the Google Astro Project, said: “If you are 24 and single, it is kind of like programmer nirvana.” … “I used twelve text books in my courses [for my masters in computer science]. Ten of the guys that wrote those text books work here [at Google].”

This anecdote answers one question that has emerged in the past several months in discussions of reinvigorating innovation in Massachusetts — how to keep more of the area’s graduating students in technology fields from leaving Massachusetts.

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